Rec League: Season 1 has officially ended and we had a great turnout! With over 50 games played, over 40 people participating and over 600 total points being awarded, we finally have our winners. Strait Savage – 89 points – Received paid entrance to the KCGameOn LAN, a LeagueKC Tshirt and a […]

Congrats To LeagueKC Rec League Season 1 Winners

Today we are excited to announce that Jake Middleton will be joining the TeamKC roster as our Performance Coach. He will be working with the team to provide individualized programs for each player to improve posture, reactions times and hand-eye coordination all to improve on their game play. Jake recently […]

Jake Middleton Partners With TeamKC

Today I’m very excited to announce that Mat, aka Cpt Jax Sparrow has officially earned the position of LeagueKC Staff. Mat has been very involved with LeagueKC since he joined the group. He is currently the Mid Laner and Captain of TeamKC. Along with performing at a top level with […]

Introducing Cpt Jax Sparrow As LeagueKC Staff

GunnerDudeMan6969XxXY0l0swagPROPLUS2016 Plays League Of Legends
Alex Smith, a health reporter from KCUR, 89.3 FM here in Kansas City decided to write a little bit of a different story for their morning news. He decided to highlight the growth of esports and the role that physical fitness plays. Smith also talks about Jake Middleton‘s new focus […]

KCUR Airs Story About Fitness And Esports

LeagueKC Extra Life Team
Make a Donation! Hey LeagueKCers, Extra Lifers and anyone else that found themselves on this page! Just wanted to stop by and give you a quick update on the LeagueKC Extra Life Team progress up until now. With right around two months until the Extra Life event, LeagueKC is well […]

Extra Life Update: September 2016

When the GoldKC roster was announced, we also announced that it was going to be a rotating roster with tryouts every three months or so. When tryouts come around, all of the current members of GoldKC will have to re-tryout for their positions. This is being done for multiple reasons: […]

GoldKC Tryouts: October 12th

Thank you for everyone that attended tryouts last week. First and most importantly I would like to introduce you to the new roster of GoldKC! Top lane – Wolksvagon Jungle – Dalies13 Mid – AetherBlades ADC – Archdeivl12 Support – Gricknac Sub – Phresh 2 Deff The other thing that we have decided to do […]

GoldKC Roster Announcment

There are some new roster changes coming to TeamKC. Here’s what’s going on: HeroOfThisStory is moving off TeamKC to play ADC for RoyalKC. TSM Orbital will be moving to full time analyst for all of the LeagueKC teams. Godven will be moving from the Support position to the ADC position. […]

TeamKC Roster Changes

Thank you for everyone that attended tryouts last week. I’m very happy to announce the new roster for RoyalKC! Top lane – Nitrosaurus Jungle – Misaruki Mid – Tehspiritbear ADC – HeroOfThisStory Support – | Xenocide | Sub – SocomCosak Remember you can keep up on all the teams as well as fill out you own […]

RoyalKC Tryout Results