Congratulations and thank you to everyone that helped plan, participated, played, cheered on, and attended any events for the LeagueKC Competitive League Season 1! We are very excited and happy with how the season went and are already hard at planning Season 2! Here’s a little recap on what happened. […]

A couple years ago I finally landed an office job instead of being on my feet all day in retail or at a restaurant. With this fantastic change, came a couple of not very fantastic changes to my body. While my feet were able to take a break, my weigh […]

Trundle has always been one of those champions very close to my heart. He’s always been a troll, he has some great voice lines as well as his dance and he’s always been a little bit of my play style. I enjoy playing tanky champions that just like to get […]

KCGameOn has been running LAN parties for a very long time but the event hosted on 6/10/17 was definitely special. This LAN was number 75 and it was pretty awesome. With a total of 11 teams joining in on the fun of the League of Legends tournament, there was a full […]

Riot Games has finally announced that 10 bans will be coming to standard play. Most opinions right now are that this is going to be a good move. Long has the complaint been that League of Legends has too many champions for only six bans. Is 10 enough though? Is this […]