Here is a quick recap of everything that we talked about and all the links you could ever want! What’s going on? GoldKC Recap Design By Humans – GoldKC Gear now available Extra Life Play of the Week Content Creators Patreon – Current Content […]

State Of LeagueKC | 10/20/16

Last night, all three new captains of the GoldKC Teams got together and drafted their teams. Strait Savage, AetherBlades and xX Crash Xx all got on the LeagueKC stream and picked their new teams one by one. You can watch the video below to watch it all pan out.   […]

GoldKC League Live Draft Recap

TeamKC‘s ADC, ShouldaWentVayne decided he was going to practice up on his Jayce play. It’s a good thing xX Crash Xx was using because he captured the Hexakill!

Play Of The Week: Hexakill!

First let me say THANK YOU to everyone for coming to tryouts and making it an awesome success! We had so many awesome people there that we decided to do something a little different this time around.  Announcing the GoldKC Draft League We’ve decided to make GoldKC a little more […]

What’s Happening With GoldKC

If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it can be kind of a weird concept. It’s basically a mixture of Kickstarter and Twitch Subscriptions rolled into one website. It’s a site that helps creators and artists create a sustainable income where there previously was no way to get that support. Hopefully […]

How Does Patreon Work?

Attention content creators! Do you like writing blog posts about the latest LCS drama? Do you enjoy sharing your high elo ranked matches on Twitch? Do you have fun cutting up videos and slicing together highlight plays? Do you fancy creating a League of Legends, esports or KC based Vlog? […]

Looking For Content Creators

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LeagueKC has been a growing, evolving community since the day we first formed. Today I’m making an announcement that I’m hoping will completely change how our community functions but completely for the better. Today I am announcing the LeagueKC Content Creator Program. What is it? The LeagueKC Content Creator Program […]

Announcing The LeagueKC Content Creators

TeamKC At KSU Tournament
TeamKC has been practicing twice a week, waiting for their next chance to prove themselves at a tournament. That tournament finally popped up last weekend when KSU eSports hosted their Fall 2016 Tournament. TeamKC was up and road tripping to Manhattan before the sun was up. When they finally arrived, […]

TeamKC Dominates KSU Fall Tournament For First Big Win

Rec League: Season 1 has officially ended and we had a great turnout! With over 50 games played, over 40 people participating and over 600 total points being awarded, we finally have our winners. Strait Savage – 89 points – Received paid entrance to the KCGameOn LAN, a LeagueKC Tshirt and a […]

Congrats To LeagueKC Rec League Season 1 Winners