LeagueKC Competitive League Season 1: Recap

Congratulations and thank you to everyone that helped plan, participated, played, cheered on, and attended any events for the LeagueKC Competitive League Season 1! We are very excited and happy with how the season went and are already hard at planning Season 2!

Here’s a little recap on what happened.

Congratuations to AZIO Esports for winning the Plat+ League and to Team STL for taking 1st in the Gold and under league!



You can check the full standings here.

VoDs of the AZIO Esports v KC Adversity will still be on the LeagueKC Twitch channel for a while if you’re interested in checking them out. As well as there are some VoDs from throughout the season on the LeagueKC YouTube channel.

As has been mentioned many times before, we know that this wasn’t the most organized league with the most clear cut and perfectly crafted rules and regulations everyone may have been hoping for. Staff and League organizers are very aware of all these issues and are in discussions to come up with the best solutions for next season. If anyone has suggestions or ideas for next season, please feel free to dm someone on staff in the Discord channel, we are always looking to improve. Hope we see everyone back next season!

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