Free Agents…Unite!

The Summer Split starts in 3 weeks! You wanted more action, we are giving you more action!

Rules/Regulations will be posted with the signup and payment links next week, but here is the gist:

3 Divisions–8 weeks of regular season play followed by playoffs for a cash prize!

Gold Capped

Platinum Capped

Diamond Capped

What does “capped” mean? It means that you cannot have been ranked HIGHER than your division cap rank at the end of season 7 or your highest in the last 4 months. So, if you were Plat V in January, but dropped to Gold II now, you are not eligible for the Gold Capped Division. You would need to play in Plat or higher. If you’ve been Gold IV all season, but you crave the excitement and challenge of playing up in Platinum Capped? Go for it! You can always play up!

Ready to find a team? Sweet! Follow this link to be taken to the Summer 2018 Free Agent Spreadsheet. On this form, you will fill out your rank, role, and contact information. At the bottom, you will see different division tabs to fill out your information in the rank cap you would like to play in. Want to be considered for all ranks? Fill your information in on every page! There are no rules! Just kidding, there are a ton of rules.

Captains will have access to this Free Agent form and will contact players they are interested in. LeagueKC will do everything in their power to get every FA a spot on a team. Remember, ANYONE can be a captain, including you! If you want to start your own team, no problem! Start contacting FA players and get it going!

Official sign-up forms will be released on 4/23. This is when you will register and pay for the Summer Split. The first week of games starts May 6th, so you have a few weeks to get your team together and test your synergy! If you would like a little more information on how our league works, head to GetRECt’s website to see how the rules and divisions ran last split.

**There is one noticeable rule change for LKC teams in the Summer Split: Games must be played on Saturday or Sunday of each week.**


By limiting game days to two days a week, this should reduce scheduling conflicts between teams, will allow us to live cast more matches, and will ensure that a staff member is present for any necessary referee decisions.

If you have any questions or want to start setting up our team, head to our Discord!

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