KCStar Takes Interest In TeamKC And Performance Training

Fri 27th Jan 2017 - 5:22pm : Esports News : Events : General : News : TeamKC

If you haven’t taken a look yet, TeamKC has been attending more tournaments and has been performing very well. This is in part, thanks to their Performance Coach, Jake Middleton.

The KCStar recently contacted Jake and LeagueKC to write a story about Performance training and esports. After many interviews, lots of pictures, tons of questions and a full day of playing at KCGameOn, Rick Montgomery finally has his story ready.

More than 500 computer screens glowed in a cavernous room at KCI Expo Center, their users communicating through headsets. Last weekend, TeamKC joined other competitive squads for the 72nd gathering of KCGameOn. Nine of the teams matched wits in the “League of Legends” tourney.


Fitness trainer Middleton was a calming presence. Between rounds he quietly led his five-man squad in deep breathing and hand stretching.


Smith was there, posture perfect in his chair as always. Beside him teammate Jeremiah Mata, 18, curled his fingers in and out before the tournament commenced. Miguel Podilla, 22, arrived in a black TeamKC tank top, accompanied by his girlfriend. (The sleeved shirts favored by his mates irritate his armpits.)

Check out the rest of the story on the KCStar’s website.



Devon Schreiner

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