Announcing Season 1 of Competitive League Play

Wed 26th Apr 2017 - 2:10am : Events


We are happy to announce the next evolution of LeagueKC.  Starting May 21st, we will be hosting our inaugural season of competitive league play for local Kansas City teams and players. Season 1 will include two divisions, one for gold and under teams, and one for platinum and above teams.  It will run for 8 weeks in round robin format where all teams within a division will play each other at least twice in a best of 3 format, followed by playoffs for the top 4 teams in each division.  Over $1500 worth of prizes is up for grabs, including team jerseys, custom tshirts, and of course some cold hard cash.  Sign up now!

Player Registration

No team?  No problem!  We'll be creating new teams through registration, just sign up as a free agent.

If you have any questions or issues during registration, or you'd like to get a new team registered, please contact


For information on rules and prizes, please visit


How much does it cost?

$25 per person for gold and under division
$35 per person for platinum and above division

Isn't that a bit expensive?

We asked that ourselves, but we already have a huge population of league players that sign up for KC Game On - an every other month tournament - and pay $20-25 to participate in that.  That's a one day event and each team is only guaranteed 2 games, and the money is spent on operating costs of the event.  In this league, every team is guaranteed at least 16 games over the course of 8 weeks, and most of the money is returned to players in the form of cash prizes!

What are the prizes?

Platinum+ Division
1st Place: $350 and 5 Custom Team Jerseys
2nd Place: $250
3rd Place: $175

Bronze-Gold Division Prizes
1st Place: $300 and 5 Custom Team T-Shirts
2nd Place: $175
3rd Place: $125

When are the games?

The games are scheduled for a week, not a given date/time, and it's up to the two captains of each team to find a time that works for both teams to play the games.  Games can be rescheduled as necessary.

When does it start?

The first week will be May 21st, and it will run through July 15th.  Playoffs will take place after July 15th - exact dates will be decided when we book a venue.

Where are the games played?

The regular season games will be played online.  Teams may travel to a gaming center to play but it's not required.  For the playoffs, all teams will be required to attend one of the local gaming centers in person, venue TBD.

Who is eligible to play in this league?

Kansas City area League of Legends players, or players within a 2 hour driving distance who are also willing to drive to Kansas City for playoffs.

My team has different ranks on it, can we still compete?

Absolutely!  Your team will be placed in either the Bronze-Gold or Plat+ division based on the highest ranked member of your team at the start of the season.  Teams with Bronze-Gold players can play in the Plat+ division, but teams with Plat+ players cannot play in the Bronze-Gold division.

I have a vacation/camp/business trip during the league, can I still play?

Yes.  With advanced notice we can reschedule games to take place on other weeks.  In the event that rescheduling is impossible, we will allow sub players to fill in for up to 2 matches.

What if I rank up during the season?

That's great!  Teams and players will not be moved from their division once the season starts, so if you move from Gold to Platinum after the season starts, you will continue to play in the Bronze-Gold division for the remainder of that season.  After Season 1 concludes, you will then be required to play in the Plat+ division for as long as you are ranked Platinum or above.

What rankings are you basing division placement off of?
Solo Queue and Flex Queue may both be used to determine division placement - whichever rank is higher.




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