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Sun 5th Mar 2017 - 4:53pm : News : General

I'm happy to announce today LeagueKC's newest venture in trying to expand, grow and continue to bring top-level events and content to the community. Introducing, the LeagueKClub!

What is the LeagueKClub?


The LeagueKClub is essentially a membership program. The current membership price is going to be $5 a month. With this money, LeagueKC is going to be expanding and paying for our new Esportsify website as well as covering the costs of the domain name and hosting costs every year. This money will also help cover costs of raffle prizes, giveaways and event costs in the future. 


How will this benefit me?


Not only will you get to take advantage of all of the LeagueKC resources like the website, forums and Discord, LeagueKClub members also have their own set of rewards they are entitled to. As this program evolves and grows, this list will only be growing as well!

 - Free LeagueKC Tshirt

 - Access to LeagueKClub Members only Discord Voice and Text chat channels

 - Access to LeagueKClub Members only Forum

 - Entrance to the monthly LeagueKClub Members only raffle


How do I sign up?


Head on over to the Membership page and fill out the quick Paypal form. Once you've filled that out a staff member will be contacting you through Discord to find out your tshirt size and where to send it to as well as get you added to all the right Discord and Forum permissions.



Devon Schreiner

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