Clubs Are Bad And Riot Should Feel Bad

Thu 23rd Mar 2017 - 8:14pm : News : General

I would just like to take a moment and talk about something that Riot Games decided to start and release just over a year ago. Clubs were released almost a year ago. And here comes my opinion. They still suck.



I've got a couple of points now that these terrible clans have reached their 1 year anniversary. 

Club Tags. Literally the one OK thing that has come from clubs. It's nice to have, I've actually met a few random people from KC in game because of the tag. It also makes it easier to tell who is duoing. 

Clubs are buggy. From day one clubs have been buggy. They either haven't worked, people have been randomly kicked or they just don't make any sense. Don't even get me started with clubs in the new client.

Lacking in features. The League of Legends client already had the chat rooms that you could create, invite people to and find like-minded people with. I feel like clubs is just a new skin on top of that feature. Why aren't there more features in the clubs like the ability to sort by rank or maybe even voice chat? Maybe the ability to ping all the members in the club or even invite people to a game from the club? And the 50 person limit? But why??

Some of these things are just opinions, some of it is just being buggy and unresponsive. Why do I have such a big problem with the clubs? Because Riot is a big company. They run one of the biggest games of this decade with a lot of users. They have people specifically working on how to make the game more interactive between friends and how to get people to play together. Not only do I think this was a gigantic opportunity that Riot has now missed to help bring people together over League, I think a lot of it was technical difficulties that should have been tested and figured out before they released such a piece of garbage code to their game. 

Have you joined the LeagueKC club or any other clubs on League? Do you find them useful or just a way to get a new tag on your name? Let us know in the comments or on the forums.



Devon Schreiner

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