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Fri 27th Jan 2017 - 5:17pm : News : GoldKC : General : Events

GoldKC’s Roster

GoldKC has been an evolving project since the day it was started, close to a year ago already. Today we’re happy to announce the newest direction for this team and new endeavors. In the past, GoldKC has swapped rosters every couple months and we’ve tried some different things, but now we’d like to try keeping the roster the same, to hopefully give the players a chance to stick together and play as a team.

The roster for GoldKC going forward will be as follows:

  • Top lane – SWPSTi
  • Jungle – SkyWolf
  • Mid – Ardvark
  • ADC –  AetherBlades
  • Support – BADxWOLF

New Team

But what is the fun in only having one Gold tier and under team when we could have two? I’m pleased to announce LeagueKC is starting another team! This new team will be a Gold and under ranked team to be able to scrim with GoldKC as well as compete at local tournaments like KCGameOn.

Welcome Strait Savage

I would also like to announce that Strait Savage has been added to the Team Support Staff to help manage GoldKC and the new team! He will be the go to contact for scheduling scrims, meetings and any other issues or concerns you may have. Check out all the rest of the support staff on the Teams page.


Tryouts for this team will be February 19th at 7pm. They will be held at SoPro Gaming as well as online if you aren’t able to make it. If you have already filled out an application, you’re good to go, we’ve still got you on the spreadsheet from the last time. If you haven’t applied yet, go here to fill an application out.

Please make sure you meet the following requirements before applying:

  • You are at least level 30 with more than 16 champions unlocked.
  • Not ranked over Gold I.
  • You can attend practice consistently on nights discussed with team captain.
  • Check Discord daily for announcements and practice information.

Remember you can keep up on all the teams as well as fill out you own application on the Teams page!



Devon Schreiner

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