LeagueKC Member Spotlight: Advakar

Sat 25th Feb 2017 - 1:07pm : Spotlights : News : GoldKC : General

Advakar has been on of the most active streamers for LeagueKC for the last couple month. He also plays ADC for GoldKC. Because he's been so active and involved with LeagueKC, we've decided that Advakar is going to be the recipient of our first LeagueKC Member Spotlight! I asked Advakar a couple of questions to learn a little more about him, hopefully you learn a little bit about him as well.

Let's get the easy stuff out of the way first. What's your name on Discord username and Summoner name?

Both are Advakar

What role do you main and what's your current rank?

I main ADC and Mid. My current rank is Silver 2

When and how did you hear about LeagueKC?

I joined maybe a year ago to try out for GoldKC. I heard about it through a good friend of mine, Miguel.

Who is your favorite champion to play?

Annie! I have 432k mastery with her. Rank 30 most played in NA!

Who is your favorite champion lore wise? 


If you could make one change to League of Legends, what would it be? 

Bring back Locket

Do you watch LCS? Who is your favorite team? Player? Why do you watch LCS?

I watch from time to time but my all time fav was Curse.

What else do you play besides League?

I play minecraft and other games, make music and other stuff.

When do you usually stream?

1pm Central

What kind of streamer are you? Do you try to teach people when you play? Are you focused on gameplay? Are you a community/chat focused streamer?

I enjoy just doing it, I don't do it for money I don't do it for views, I do it because itss something I love to do. I help people who come to my stream and don't know what they are doing. Also I do it for my veiwers to enjoy the stream, and enjoy the content.


Thanks so much to Advakar for answering some of my hard hitting questions! Make sure to go follow him on Twitch and check out his next stream!



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