LeagueKC Dominates KCGameOn

Sun 26th Feb 2017 - 1:10pm : TeamKC : RoyalKC : News : GoldKC : General : Events : Esports News : CrimsonKC

LeagueKC is no stranger to KCGameOn, but for their 73rd event, LeagueKC was there in full force. Every team participated including the debut of CrimsonKC.

On the day, TeamKC took 1st place, RoyalKC took 3rd, CrimsonKC grabbed 4th place and GoldKC placed 7th.

A total of 13 teams were in the League of Legends tournament as well as a dizzying 443 gamers in attendance!

Here's a list of the full results from the League of Legends tournament:

Here are a couple other stats that I wanted to highlight as well. LeagueKC really went crazy in their KDA, completely taking control of the Top Player KDA and Top Team KDA catergories.

Thank you again to our great friends over at KCGameOn for putting on another amazing LAN. We can't wait for the next one!

For the full bracket and stats, click here.

Also if you have any pictures, videos or highlights from the event, please go and share them on the forum for anyone that wasnt' there!



Devon Schreiner

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