Stream Team

Stream Team


LeagueKC streamers. Make sure to check them all out at


  • cptjaxsparrow

    Mathew Smith

    TeamKC Captain and Mid laner. I've been playing League for close to seven years now, and joined TeamKC when it was formed in February of 2016. Assassins are fun but control mages are my jam....Read More

  • Crash

    Christopher Moss

    Support Main | Rum Pirate | Weeaboo | GoldKC Jungler | Computer Guru | More

  • Röë

    Miguel Padilla

    I main feed on TeamKC...Read More

  • MeatyMitts

    Devon Schreiner

    I have a wife, daughter, two dogs, a love for esports, technology, beer, music and fitness. Working on my MBA and a million other ideas....Read More