LeagueKC Season 2 is HERE!

We’re back! LKC Season 2 is right around the corner. For those that are new to the scene, LKC is LeagueKC’s competitive league in which premade teams face off against each other over 8 weeks for cash prizes. The games are played online, except the playoffs, which are played at a local LAN center.  We’re starting the week of September 29th this season.

I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you about some of the changes for season 2:

  • Three Divisions –  The divisions will now be divided into Bronze/Silver, Gold/Plat, and Diamond+/Uncapped. The first two divisions will be $25/person, and the uncapped division will be $35/person.
  • Substitute Free Agents – Any player who wants to compete but does not have a team may register as a substitute free agent. Players on the sub free agent list may be subbed in to play for any team they are rank eligible for when a rostered player is unavailable to play. ONLY players on the substitute free agent list or rostered substitutes will be eligible to sub in for LKC games. The best part – being a substitute free agent is completely free!
  • Discord – All teams must use LeagueKC’s Discord during games for voice coms. This is so that we can monitor any extra coms to make sure teams aren’t receiving in game tips from a coach or friends watching the stream or spectating.
  • Schedule – All games will be scheduled for Sundays at 6:00PM. Team captains may reschedule these games for earlier in that same week, but must post the reschedule time in the team captain channel so that staff can see and approve it.  Rescheduling matches for later in the season will no longer be permitted – if players are unavailable, captains must use free agent substitutes or forfeit the match.
  • Location eligibility – Any team that is willing to travel to Kansas City for the finals is eligible to play. No more location restrictions outside of that!
  • Prizes will be divided up as following:
    • 1st Place: 70%
    • 2nd Place: 30%
    • 3rd Place: Free entry into LKC next season


To sign up, please visit the league website here:

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