Spring 2018 Split Results

Gold Capped: Diamond Capped:
1st: SAIL 1st: KSB
2nd: TTP 2nd: ULKY
3rd: KCBM 3rd: TKC
Gold Capped: Diamond Capped:
SAIL 9-1 ULKY 9-1
KCBM 6-4 KSB 8-2
TTP 6-4 TO 5-5
AG 5-5 TKC 5-5
HOG 4-6 CKC 3-7
LAN 0-10 TB 0-10

12 teams came to play in the Spring 2018 Split. 60 players battled for 8 weeks to see which teams would rise to the top to head to playoffs.

We had an impressive crowd of family and friends all gather at the Microsoft Store in Oak Park Mall for finals. In the end, Sail it Down Mid and K-State B Team would take home the grand prize of $500! That Tasted Purple and Unlucky took second in their divisions for a cash prize of $250!

Congratulations to all of our teams. This was our most competitive season to date!

This weekend, our top three teams from each division will play against the top three teams in our rival region, OKLCS from Oklahoma. You can watch all of the exciting play on our stream twitch.tv/leaguekc and GetRECt’s stream, twitch.tv/getrecttv .

Having some FOMO because you didn’t play in this season? Don’t worry, our summer split starts soon! May 6th games begin for the summer session! Sign ups will go live next week, so start getting your squad assembled!

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