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Hello everyone, it’s MeatyMitts here today with a few announcements for you.

Today I have the unfortunate task of announcing that two of the LeagueKC staff members have resigned from their positions. Cpt Jax Sparrow and Boodinsko have both decided that to step down from their positions. I would like to thank them both for everything they have brought to LeagueKC and helped out with during their time here.

I’d like to take an extra minute to thank Mat for his work over the years. I started LeagueKC in 2015 and it’s been a long road forming into the organization it is today. I can say with certainty that it would not be near as successful or wide spread if it wasn’t for Mat. He started out being the captain and mid laner for TeamKC. He helped build that team into a successful, competitive team. After that he moved into a staff position and became my right hand man for everything regarding LeagueKC. Later, he took the lead over the whole operation as Director and has been helping to grow the LKC League into what it is today. Thanks Mat for everything you have helped out with and for bringing all these players together.

With that news in mind, we will be opening up applications for the Tournament Organizer position. We are looking for one or two people to assist in planning, organizing, and executing the LKC League and a recreational league. To apply, please copy and paste the below and send to a current staff member (MeatyMitts, Glitter And Gains, Meristematic).

IRL Name:
Discord Name:
Home City, State:
Why you want to be TO:

Tournament Organizer

  • Assisting in planning efforts (prizing, brackets, schedule, rulebook, tournament codes-if necessary, etc)
  • Recruiting teams for all events
  • Refereeing all events, as necessary
  • Retaining all tournament results for one full season after the event’s completion
  • Readily available and accessible in LKC Discord to teams for any problem solving
  • Working with Social Media Manager for advertising the tournament sufficiently in advance of event dates
  • *Neither TO nor Co-TO may participate in LKC tournaments unless given permission from LKC Director.*
  • Attending monthly (at minimum) staff meetings

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