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It’s official! LeagueKC has merged with GetRECt!

Your favorite LKC staff members are still with GetRECt, but we wanted our focus to be expanded to inclusivity for players in other states. We are renaming the League of Legends recreational league to the GRLCS (GetRECt League of Legends Championship Series). We felt this name was simple, on brand and descriptive of what our competitive league offers, without the boundaries and restrictions of including a location in the name. We want all players to feel welcome.

So, what does this mean? For players, not much is changing. You will still gather your teammates and compete in the 12-week league, as normal. The semifinals and finals of each division will be played at LAN still, but the LAN location will be up for debate. Our best current prospects for venues are in Norman, Oklahoma, but we are looking into Wichita and Kansas City. We’ll try our best to rotate venues around the Midwest when possible to help offset travel expenses and to build our community around the region!

We hope this rebranding and merge will build a strong League community across all divisions! We’d love to revive the Platinum division and introduce an Iron/Bronze/Silver “mini league” to continue to foster and develop League players in our community.

Make sure to follow all of the GetRECt social media and join the new Discord server!

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