About LeagueKC

Back in mid-2015 Kansas City was missing a giant population compared to the rest of the world: League of Legends players. We started asking around and talking to some other gamers and realized there are League players, they are all just sitting at their houses playing the game. There were no meetups, there were no groups, there were no events, there were no tournaments, there were no watch parties. There was no community. We didn’t want that to be the case.

The goal of LeagueKC is to create a local community of people that enjoy the same thing. We want to help people make new friends while playing and watching League and make this game even better for everyone. We want to create a competitive environment for those that are interested in high level play. And we want to create events that will engage players with fun activities with other Kansas City gamers.

In 2018, LeagueKC partnered with GetRECt, a gaming community out of Oklahoma. Together, LeagueKC and GetRECt hope to facilitate a fun, competitive gaming environment throughout the Midwest!